Drilling Glossary


Acronyms and Abbreviations

AFP Annular Friction Pressure   AIS Automatic Identification System   API American Petroleum Institute
APV Air Pressure Vessel   AX/VX Ring gasket   BCP Blowout Contingency Plan
BHA Bottomhole Assembly   BHP Bottomhole Pressure   BOEMRE Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement
BOP Blowout Preventer   BOPE Blowout Preventer Equipment   BSEE Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement
BSR Blind Shear Ram   BTF Blowout Task Force   BU Business Unit
C&K Choke and Kill   CBHP Constant Bottomhole Pressure   CBL Cement Bond Log
CCC Central Control Console   CLFP Choke and Kill Line Friction Pressures (also used for Choke Line Friction Pressures)   CLP Classification, Labeling and Packaging
CO2 Carbon dioxide   COC Certificate of Conformance   CRA Corrosion Resistant Alloy
CRT Casing Running Tool   CSGS Critical Static Gel Strength   CSR Casing Shear Ram
CWOP Completing the Well on Paper (also, Completion Well Optimization Process)   DCP Driller’s Control Panel   DGD Dual Gradient Drilling
DGPS Differential Global Positioning Satellite   DOD Department of Defense (US)   DP Dynamic Positioning or Dynamic Positioned
DWOP Drill Well on Paper   DWWCG Deepwater Well Control Guidelines   ECD Equivalent Circulating Density
EDS Emergency Disconnect Sequence   EHBS Electro-Hydraulic Back-Up System   EHBS Emergency Hydraulic Back-Up System
EMW Equivalent Mud Weights   ERD Extended Reach Drilling   ERT Emergency Response Team
ESD Emergency Shut Down   ETF Emergency Task Force   FAT Factory Acceptance Test
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency (US)   FIT Formation Integrity Test   FLOT Flying Lead Orientation Tool
FOSV Full Opening Safety Valve   GOM Gulf of Mexico   GOR Gas Oil Ratio
GPS Global Positioning Satellite   H2S Hydrogen Sulfide   HID Hydraulic Isolation Depth
HPHT High-Temperature High-Pressure   HPU Hydraulic Power Unit   HSE Health, Safety and the Environment
HSEQ Health, Safety, Environment and Quality   IADC International Association of Drilling Contractors   ICP Initial Circulating Pressure
ICS Incident Command System   ID Inside Diam   IR Infrared
ISO International Standards Organization   KT Kick Tolerance   LCM Lost Circulation Material
LMRP Lower Marine Riser Package   LOP Leak-Off Pressure   LOT Leak-Off Test
LVE Low Volumetric Expansion   LWC Loss of Well Control   LWD Logging While Drilling
MAASP Maximum Allowable Annulus Surface Pressure   MAE Major Accident Event   MASP Maximum Anticipated Surface Pressure
MAWP Maximum Anticipated Water Pressure   MD Measured Depth   MGS Mud Gas Separator
MMS Minerals Management Service   MOC Management of Change   MODU Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
MOP Minimum Operating Pressure   MPD Managed Pressure Drilling   MRT Marine Riser Tensioner
MUX Multiplex   MW Mud Weight   MWD Measurement While Drilling
NAF Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluid   NIMS National Incident Management System   NORSOK Norwegian Petroleum Standards
OB Overburden   OBM Oil-Based Muds   OD Outer Diam
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer   OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services   ORM Operational Risk Management
ORT Onsite Response Team   OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration   PMCD Pressurized Mud Cap
PP Pore Pressure   PPD Pore Pressure Detection   PPDSPA Pore Pressure Detection Single Point of Accountability
PPFG Pore and Fracture Pressure   ppg Pounds Per Gallon   PR Public Relations
PWD Pressure While Drilling   QA/QC Quality Assurance / Quality Control   RCD Rotating Control Device
RFC-HSE Returns Flow Control   RITT Riser Insertion Tube Tool   RKB Rotary Kelly Bushing
ROP Rate of Penetration   ROV Remotely Operated Vehicle   RWP Rated Working Pressure
SBM Synthetic-Based Muds   SCP Slow Circulating Pressure   SCR Slow Circulating Rates; also Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SEMS Safety and Environmental Management System   SHE Safety, Health and the Environment   SICP Shut-In Casing Pressure
SIDPP Shut-In Drillpipe Pressure   SIMOPS Simultaneous Operations   SIT System Integrity Test
SPM Side Pocket Mandrel   SPP Slow Pump Pressure   SWD Seismic While Drilling
SWF Shallow Water Flow   TCP Toolpusher’s Control Panel   TD Total Depth
TJ Telescopic Joint   TMS Tether Management System   TOC Top of Cement
TVD True Vertical Depth   TVH True Vertical Height   UB Underbalanced
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply   VIV Vortex Induced Vibration   VOC Volatile Organic Compounds
WI Well Integrity   WICD Well Control Interface Document   WOC Waiting on Cement
WSOG Well Specific Operating Guideline (Criteria)