Why Public Policy Matters in Oil and Gas

Our world is what we make of it. That's true on the local, regional, and national level. The set of laws we create to construct, control, or stall benefits for all is important. When policymakers do not understand the implications of policy they pass, everyone suffers.

Public policy matters because it is a collective promise to fulfill a meaningful goal together. As drillers, we know a little something about teams working toward a common goal. If the laws that shape our world do not reflect the way we want to live our lives, then we need to work together.

In the videos below, we present a series of interviews with lawmakers, public policy experts, and industry regulators to shed light on the interconnected relationships between energy consumers, energy producers, and the governing bodies in our world.

In developed countries, we take for granted all the ways these fossil fuels improve and enhance our lives.

August 2021: How Oil and Gas Industry Helps States Grow

June 2021: What's Currently Happening in U.S. Congress

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